Lake Worth's Janne Keskinen entangled in allegations of Money Laundering and Tax evasion



The world of offshore money laundering and tax evasion is often fraught with convoluted allegations and high-profile names. In the midst of such intrigue, Janne and Mirjami Keskinen, managers of Blue Key Investments, LLC, have found themselves at the heart of a burgeoning controversy. This husband-wife duo, prominent figures in the Miami real estate market and community, are facing scrutiny due to claims connected to alleged tax evasion and money laundering.

The central issue revolves around claims made by public figure Hugo Sluimer , an individual facing allegations of money laundering and tax evasion. Sluimer claims that Janne Keskinen, and his wife Mirjami the managers of Blue Key Investments, LLC, withheld his taxes from a substantial $12 million gross profit, generated from flipping the famous Setai PH B in Miami Beach. However, these claims are mired in ambiguity, especially considering Sluimer's own admission of not possessing an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) or a Social Security Number (SSN), which are prerequisites for filing a tax return in the United States.

Adding to the complexity of the case is Sluimer's admission that he previously made fraudulent claims of being a citizen of Monaco. This admission, confirmed in a recently recorded conversation, raises further questions regarding his credibility. 

Amidst these claims, Blue Key Investments, LLC, managed by the Keskinen couple, is under close scrutiny. They hold responsibility for tax withholding, and a failure in doing so could potentially make them personally liable. Despite the opportunity given to address questions posed, the Keskinen's have remained silent. When Mirjami Keskinen was contacted, she claimed to have no knowledge of who Hugo Sluimer is, which adds further suspicions surrounding their involvement.

However, emails confirm her husband Janne Keskinen knew Hugo Sluimer very well and discussed the Bentley bay apartment 2301 project as seen below which is owned by a subsidiary of Blue Key investments, LLC. Mirjami Keskinen is one of the managers and signators of Blue Key investments, LLC according to annual fillings. 

Here is an email from Janne Keskinen to Hugo Sluimer and the Finnish partners in reference to Mikko Pakkanen and Antti at the Bentley Bay PH 2301

Important: The original picture below was edited before publishing to keep the identity private and integrity in tact of the subject. 

In the following email Hugo Sluimer then confirms he has a financial interest in the Bentley Bay PH 2301. 

From: Hugo Sluimer []
To: paula sanchez; Rob Koster; Dennis Sluimer; H. Vijverberg;
Subject: Re: Bentley Bay PH ready for sale

After 2 1/2 years renovation/make over we're ready to make some money. the bar pole is waiting, any lead is welcome, haha.

Details below.



The broader concern suggests that the alleged transactions involving Sluimer, Mikko Pakkanen, and Blue Key Investment, LLC could potentially be part of a multimillion-dollar money laundering and tax evasion scheme. Recently discovered Annual filings on filed by Janne Keskinen (under oath) reveal that an offshore company named "Rasumus Investment LTD" was one of  the owner/manager of Blue Key Investments, LLC and registered to his (Janne Keskinen's) home address as indicated below:

As a licensed real estate agent, Janne Keskinen (FL License BK3221645 ) is bound by ethical and legal obligations to report any suspicious activity in real estate transactions. However, the efficacy of such self-regulation is often questioned when there is a conflict of interest. The extent of the Keskinens' knowledge and involvement in the alleged offshore money laundering and tax evasion scheme remains unclear but it does seem like the pair are doing everything to keep it quiet. 

Their conspicuous silence in response to the allegations could potentially be viewed as worrisome, further fueling suspicions about their role in this alleged financial misconduct. Until then, these allegations will continue to cast a shadow over all parties involved. The question is how long will Janne and Mirjami Keskinen stay quiet and at what cost? 

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